The Self-Love Files: Self-Love Tip #3

Self-love Tip #3: Pamper.

I don’t know what it is about the good old fashioned pampering that makes me feel so good! It’s must just be simply the act of taking that time and actually dedicating it to making yourself feel physically better.


This is time for you. Time that you shouldn’t feel guilty or selfish for having to yourself. It’s so incredibly important to actually put yourself first once in a while. I’ve got a few different ways for you to get your pamper on.

  • The Wind Down –
    If I’ve had a particularly long or stressful day I know I need to find a way to relax that’s going to bring me down and get me in the frame of mind for bed. Start with a long hot bath – candles, essential oils, bubbles, bath bombs, THE LOT. Maybe do a hair mask and/or face mask. Afterwards, make sure all flames are extinguished (The Wind Down has no time for any house fires) and moisturise head-to-toe before you get into the comfiest, cosiest, freshest pyjamas you’ve got. I like to burn some lavender oil and get into bed with Netflix or a good book but the idea is to do something now that you find calming and relaxing like, watching TV with the family, knitting, drawing, writing.


  • The Glam Up
    There’s nothing wrong with loving makeup and all those little added extras that make you feel well, extra! Start in the shower with a scrub and shave, pat dry and pluck them brows as soon as possible after getting out of the shower. It’s just so much less painful this way. If you like fake tan – now’s the time. If not then just moisturise! Next, just go all out glam. Take the time to do your nails and makeup and enjoy it. Style your hair as glamorously as you please and pick out an outfit that makes you feel amazing. You don’t even have to be going anywhere just enjoy making yourself feel fabulous!


  • The Fast Track
    Sometimes there simply just isn’t enough time for a full on pamper session. Still, just finding 15 minutes or so in your day to make yourself feel good can be done! A face mask before bed or a fresh coat of nail polish can be all it takes to get that boost. Sometimes, I just compromise on my daily routine to make an extra 10 minutes here and there that I can spend doing my hair, filing my nails or doing something that calms me like writing and reading.


I would love to know what you do to pamper yourself and how you make time to make yourself feel good in yourself.

yours, m.

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