A New Branch

I’ve found myself recently wanting to write about body confidence, body image, our relationships with our bodies and the issues surrounding those things. I’ve started writing posts, drafted them, filed them in my mind for later and so on but never felt that topic really fit in anywhere on my blog.

I think it’s important these things are talked about in a more raw and uncensored way because they are things that every single person has their own experience with and the more we talk, the more we relate. When we relate we don’t feel so alien about ourselves.

Image by Vcentee Alvarado from Pixabay

That is why I have decided to create this new branch of the blog. I want this space to be a safe open and honest area to discuss these subjects. I’m excited for all of the positives that could come of this. I plan to post personal accounts from myself and contributors, statistics, facts and information, recommended content such as podcasts, books, sites etc. and so much more.

I really hope you will enjoy the reads and take something positive from each.

yours, m.



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