Let’s Be Real

I can spend hours working on a post for my blog. It has to be perfect, polished and clickable! I look back at my site however and all I see is the same old shit. The same content you’d find on thousands of blogs across the web and that is not why I created this corner of the internet.

I started thinking. What makes my blog different? I realised that my site is the only one out there written by me. Nobody has experienced life through my eyes and nobody has learnt all the lessons I have learnt. But then I remembered that there are billions of people out there who can relate to me and my experiences and that I too can find common ground with.

That’s when I came to the conclusion to cut the shit and just be real. Life ain’t pretty but there’s a whole lot of metaphorical glitter we can sprinkle over it to make it pretty damn good.

Realness pending…

yours, m.

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